About Northwood


Nursing Care

It can be distressing when your health deteriorates, even more so if this leads to a need to move to a different care provider registered to meet nursing care needs. Once again you need to build trust and new relationships and the trauma of such a move can often cause health to deteriorate further.

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Residential Care

Our Nursing and Residential Care registration with the Care Quality Commission is a very important advantage when comparing Northwood to the majority of other care homes as this removes any risk of having to move again to a nursing home if your care needs ever change. We can offer continuity and peace of mind and usually no need to even change rooms.

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Our Team

Eileen and Brian O’Neill have been proprietors of Northwood since 1982 and have an excellent team of experienced staff and a low staff turnover. This enhances our care as it enables good relationships to develop and continuity as well as trust and confidence to be built with those who benefit from our care.

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Make Yourself at Home

In our 33 years as proprietors we have undertaken major development of our outstanding building but have always sought to retain the true character of this impressive Victorian building that offers a welcoming, homely and comfortable environment that larger and purpose built care homes find difficult to create.

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Catering & Nutrition

We consider food to be a very important aspect of everyday life both from a well-being and entertainment perspective.

We always cater for all special dietary needs and offer a choice of full or part English breakfast.

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We consider entertainments to be a very important aspect of life at Northwood.

Professional entertainers and various beneficial classes and trips are regularly arranged. Some care providers rely upon staff fundraising or residents and families to fund entertainments, we fund all of our entertainments and we put a great deal of effort into finding a wide and varied range.

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