The choice of care provider is entirely yours even if your fees are to be fully supported and funded by the Local Authority Social Services.

Your personal choice and preference is a very important part of this decision and your local authority must always operate within a government choice directive.

The Social Services should never only offer you a place in a Local Authority owned home, you are always entitled to choose any private care home and the funding support is the same regardless of being private or Local Authority owned.

Consider all of your options very carefully, a well established reputation for quality care is important. We always recommend you try to visit as many residential and / or nursing homes as possible to compare options and we also recommend an open minded on location as convenience for relatives and friends may not necessarily be the correct choice for those who require care.

It is distressing when your health deteriorates but even more so if you develop nursing care needs and this then leads to a need to move to a different care provider who is registered to meet those nursing care needs. Once again you will need to build trust and new relationships and the trauma of such a move can often cause health to deteriorate further.

Northwood removes that risk as our Care Quality Commission registration offers a very important advantage as we provide both nursing and residential care services so if your care needs do change our registration and our qualified nursing staff offer you the peace of mind that no residential care home or Local Authority homes can provide and at Nortwood you will not even be required to change rooms.

As we also have qualified nursing staff on duty at all times, which also benefits those who require only residential care services, again something that those registered for residential care only or a local authority owned home cannot offer.

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