If you fund your own care you can select any private / independent care provider without informing social services. If you require and are eligible for financial support from the Social Services and/or the NHS then your care needs must be assessed by the Social Services and/or the NHS who must always offer you the choice of independent or public sector care.

If you are not funding your own care then before you move into care you will need to have a financial assessment, undertaken by the Social Services, who will look at your income and capital and decide how much you will contribute towards your care home fees and how much the Social Services and/or the NHS will contribute.

Age UK offer compehensive advice on funding care fees, please use this link:

NHS Continuing Health Care (CHC)

NHS Continuing Health Care is a package of care funded solely by the NHS when your need for care is primarily due to a need for Health Care that would normally require care within a NHS hospital. Certain characteristics of your needs, in combination or alone, may demonstrate a ‘primary health need’ because of the quantity and / or quality of care needed and if an assessment identifies a need for Continuing Health Care then this should be fully funded by the NHS.

NHS Funded Nursing Care (FNC)

NHS funded nursing care is a financial contribution to your fees paid by the NHS towards the cost of meeting your nursing care needs if you live in a nursing home.

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